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Lakefront Trail construction projects to know about

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People walk, run and ride bikes on the Lakefront Trail year round, but with spring blooming, trail users should expect trail use to grow over the next several weeks. 

Before you head out to the trail, you should know about some major lakefront construction projects that could affect your trip. 

Work began on the Navy Pier Flyover last year and will continue until the project is expected to be completed in 2018. Once it’s done, the flyover will extend from the Chicago River Bridge to Jane Addams Park, allowing people walking and riding bikes to bypass car traffic by Navy Pier. 

The trail has remained open during construction with a marked detour for people walking and riding bikes. 

As reported in the Chicago Tribune this week, many users have raised issues about the safety and convenience of the detour. We’ve monitored the situation closely, speaking with members and supporters, and sharing concerns directly with the project team. 

The detour has gotten better, but it’s still not a safe and convenient option for everyone who uses the trail. Please continue to let us know if you experience issues and please use #ChiLFT on Twitter to share condition reports with other users.

Further north on the path, construction started this month on the Shoreline Protection Project at Fullerton Parkway/Theater on the Lake. The project, slated for completion in 2016, will create 5.8 acres of new park land to stabilize the shoreline and improved paths for people walking and biking. 

We are receiving regular updates from the project manager on construction activity — especially when it affects the trail — and will continue to publish relevant news on our Lakefront Trail Twitter account.

Meanwhile, we continue to advocate for creating separated trail space for people walking and people riding bikes along the full length of the trail. Nearly 1,700 supporters have already signed our petition to the park district and city leaders, and several elected officials have expressed their support

Take a minute to add your name and share it with your network, and keep letting us know about your experience on the most popular trail in the country. Enjoy the trail!