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The Chicago region’s current hub-and-spoke transit system leaves nearly half a million Cook County residents stranded in transit deserts.

Lakefront Trail conditions December 2 update

As of noon on Tuesday (12/2) the north side of the Trail was in pretty good shape. The sun was drying things out so there was either dry pavement or water over the pavement but very little snow and ice.

The weather for Wednesday is likely to be mixed. The forecast is for temperatures to hover around or just above freezing Tuesday night. So, it is possible that ice will not form for the Wednesday morning commute. The forecast, however, does call for rain/snow most of the day. This can create some of the worst riding conditions for the body but the Trail may remain rideable throughout the day.

The Ohio Street underpass was being cleared by the Park District on Monday but the fence was still up. I will see if I can find out more about that situation soon and post a report to this blog. You can bypass the Ohio St. underpass via a walk way and ramp between Ohio and Grand and then cross Lower Lake Shore Drive at street level.

The current forecast for the Thursday morning commute is not good. The temperature is supposed to drop into the 20's Wednesday night which will freeze up the precipitation from Wednesday and Wednesday night. The Trail may not be in very good condition on Thursday morning, even if the Park District runs a snow plow and lays down salt, which is their usual practice.