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Lakefront Trail Conditions 1/12/11

  I rode the Lakefront Trail between Foster and Oak Street this Wednesday (1/12) morning and it has been plowed and salted and is generally in good condition.
  The area south of Fullerton has had the soft surface to the west of the Trail plowed. The soft surface took a beating in the December storms as well, so even though this has been plowed, it is still a bit rough. Thanks to the Park District, however, for plowing this section. I was able to ride through this area without much difficulty on my cross bike with a cross tire in front and a road tire in back.
  The Oak Street Bend didn't look good and I did not try to ride it today. The underpass at Oak Street didn't look as if it had been cleared. I did see tire marks and foot prints in the snow on the underpass, so people are using it.
  A detour around the Oak Street Bend is to take the Oak Street underpass to Inner Lake Shore Drive to the Ohio St. underpass (or to the sidewalk at Grand Ave.).
  Thanks, Randy