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Kids learn to ride safely at Northbrook District 28

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By starting bike safety education early, it puts kids on the path to safe and confident biking into their adult years. This will lead to safer communities and a growing population of people who feel comfortable biking and see it as a viable mode of transportation.

In recent weeks, north suburban Northbrook District 28 ran a bike education program provided by Active Trans at three of its schools, reaching nearly 700 students between grades 3 and 5. 

This was District 28’s third year participating in our program called Kids On Wheels (see photo). This year the program was run exclusively with teachers, students and volunteers from District 28. 

Our Kids On Wheels program is an on-bike safety program for 3rd and 4th graders. We provide the needed materials (bikes, helmets and cones) in a 30-foot trailer, making it highly mobile. 

A clever idea that District 28 had was to incorporate 5th graders, who participated in previous years. The 5th graders served as pedestrians and drivers while the 3rd and 4th graders rode through the safety course. 

After the program, we heard from some of the student participants:

  • I'm happy we were able to ride bikes and learn about safe riding. I just got a new bike and my parents want to take me on the bike path this weekend.
  • I've only tried to ride a bike a few times; I think I can ride my bike to school now.
  • I never used to wear a helmet but I learned that it is very dangerous not to.

Some school districts such as Oak Park’s District 97 have purchased their own trailer and bikes. Learn how you can bring on-bike safety training to your school.