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Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

Join our campaign to expand public transit in Cook County

The Chicago region’s public transit system is long overdue for an upgrade. There are too many gaps that prevent people from moving around the region and getting to work, school and other destinations on time.

Many existing lines are outdated and in disrepair, disrupting riders' lives and schedules every day. Meanwhile, too many residents are forced into their cars, where they end up stuck in traffic while damaging the environment.

Everyone who lives or works in Cook County knows it’s a problem, but nobody has the money to solve it.

That’s why we partnered with the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) to launch Transit Future, a campaign advocating for the Cook County Board of Commissioners to adopt a robust revenue stream to fund the development of Chicago and Cook County’s transit system.

This new revenue source will allow the city and the county to take advantage of available federal funds and other existing financing tools to fund transit projects.

Such an investment in transit will save all commuters time and money, create jobs, connect residents to job centers, and benefit the entire regional economy.

Our vision will create a more livable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable region built on a public transportation system that works for everyone.

Now we need your help! Sign up today to volunteer to be a Transit Future supporter in your neighborhood.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working with volunteers in districts throughout Cook County to engage their local Cook County Commissioner and mobilize other transit supporters in their area.

Transit Future

  Join the campaign today to be part of building a new and improved public transit system in Cook County.








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