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It’s not okay to eat that smelly sandwich on the bus

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Imagine you just got off from a long day of work. The only thing you look forward to is getting home, taking off your shoes, and catching up on shows that have been in your Netflix queue for over a week.

You use your train commute as a time to zone out, wanting to get home without any interruptions. However, this changes when the person next to you decides to disrupt the seemingly quiet train ride by loudly talking on his cell phone your entire trip home.

How many of us have been in this scenario? Annoying, isn’t it?

To curb inconsiderate behavior on public transportation, the Chicago Transit Authority launched a new courtesy campaign last week.

Using feedback given by customers through social media, calls and emails made to customer service, and observations made by CTA employees, the campaign goes after the most common rider complaints, like putting bags on empty seats, not offering seats to expectant mothers and blocking doorways.

One of the more eye-catching ads features three people in a train car filled with garbage, informing us that the waste left behind can end up on the tracks and cause small track fires, which leads to delays for everybody. 

Another ad shows a man dressed as a football player pushing his way through train doors before other passengers are able to get off. If you’re like me, I prefer not to be tackled by a linebacker on my way to work. See the rest of the ads here.

The aim of the satirical ads is to cultivate a dialog among CTA customers on courtesy, encouraging others to mind their Ps and Qs on public transportation. 

The new ads can be found on busses and trains throughout the Chicago area. So next time someone unwraps a sandwich that heavily reeks of onions, you can remind them they aren’t allowed to eat on the bus by politely pointing to the “Eating on the Train or Bus” ad.

Notice any other inconsiderate behavior made by people on the CTA that wasn’t featured in the campaign? Send your suggestions to us at