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Only 0.7 percent of federal transportation funds are spent on improving pedestrian facilities.

How do you like our new website?

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Nearly two years ago, we decided the Active Trans website needed help.

In web years, our site was old as dirt.

At first we weren’t sure how much intervention was needed: Did it need just a weekend at the spa or did it need serious medical attention?

After getting feedback from staff, board members, supporters and event participants, we performed a thorough evaluation on what was working and what wasn’t on the site.

That’s when we decided that major surgery was the only option.

So we went to work, enlisting help from several different local firms that perform website design and programming.

Then we drew up a list of goals. 

  • We wanted to make it easier for people to discover resources that would help them in their Chicagoland community.
  • We wanted to make it smooth and simple for people to take action — whether that’s signing a petition, contacting lawmakers or organizing their own advocacy efforts.
  • We wanted to give readers more options for sharing our information on social media.

Fortunately, we have enthusiastic supporters at local web design firms who agreed to help with this project. A couple local firms — Fuzzy Math and LiQuidprint — donated their time for free. A third local firm, Media Made Great, performed the final work on the site at a greatly reduced rate.

Here are some features we think you’ll love about the new Active Trans website

Homepage — At a glance, you’ll see upcoming Active Trans events, a better view of our recent blog posts and a more graphic and inviting layout.

In Your Community — If you’re wondering what’s happening in your corner of the region, you can click on this map for resources.

In the News — Because people are excited about the work we do, our work is often highlighted in the news media. Now we’re going to share the media coverage with you.

Mobile Devices — We’re still making progress on this front, but we think you’ll see it’s an improvement.

Take Action — Now it’s easier than ever to learn about the campaigns that Active Trans is working on, and find out about ways you can get involved.

Overall, I hope you find the new site useful and engaging.

Thanks again to Fuzzy Math, LiQuidprint and Media Made Great. We’re lucky to have supporters like these who care deeply about our mission and were willing to make a significant donation of their sweat, brain power and creative genius.

If you have suggestions for improvements or would like to share any of your reactions to the new site, please drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you.