Did You Know?

Although people of color make up about one third of the population, they make up 46.1 percent of pedestrian deaths.

Elston Avenue protected bike lane

The Elston Avenue protected and buffered bike lane project — which is being installed as I write this post — will feature the first protected bike lane to go in this year (buffered bike lanes were installed last week on Roscoe and Campbell).  

Stretching from North Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue, the new lane is part of the Elston Avenue Safety Improvements project, which includes 1 mile of protected and buffered bike lanes.  

One thing is certain, a whole lot of people will be a whole lot safer on their commute given how much bike traffic Elston sees on a daily basis. Check out CDOT's monthly bike counts to see the number of cyclists passing the Milwaukee/Elston intersection.  

Stay tuned for more updates on protected bikeway projects, and if you want to show your support for these projects, consider signing on to Active Trans' Bikeways Campaign.