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Elk Grove Village Bike Plan share your thoughts

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People biking in Elk Grove Village have long enjoyed riding in Busse Woods through meadows and woodland. Getting to Busse Woods by bike — as well to other destinations in the village — however, has been challenging.

To make cycling safer and easier, Elk Grove formed a Bike Plan Task Force. The plan, drafted by members of the task force, has been drawn up and is now open for your comments at the village website through February 15. Please share your thoughts if you live or ride a bike in Elk Grove Village. 

The draft plan includes a bike route system, signage for cycling destinations, and spot improvements that will make cycling safer in the Village.

The Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove Village have long advocated for a bike plan and are members of the Task Force. The group wanted to ensure that the plan focused on encouraging casual riders to feel comfortable riding to shops, schools and workplaces — an excellent way to make cycling more family friendly!

Access to the large Busse Woods Forest Preserve is key for all — including students at the high school across busy Arlington Heights Road.

Friends Treasurer Lee Skinner says that his group is “quite satisfied with results from five months’ work by people who were all new at the task.”

“We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the respect and openness the village showed us,” said Skinner. “We really could not have expected more.”

The plan is a great way to make cycling in Elk Grove more comfortable for riders of all ages!

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