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CTA riders dodge service cuts and fare hikes for at least a few more months

Following the Metra fare hike earlier this year, Riders for Better Transit has been monitoring the looming possibility of another round of fare increases and service cuts for CTA.

Fortunately for riders, it sounds like the CTA will be able avoid service cuts and fare hikes this year. However, it's unlikely the CTA will be able to dodget this bullet next year.

One of our Facebook followers commented on this news, Now if we could only find money to restore the service cuts from two years ago. We agree. It's such a struggle for our region just to maintain current transit service, but our public transportation system should be moving forward, not backward!

Let's aim for better transit, not just keeping what we have. We need to increase investment in transit in our region.

Ultimately, the recurring transit budget crisis is the responsibility of our elected leaders who have put transit on the back burner.

We transit riders need to speak up together and send a loud and clear message to Springfield and Washington that transit needs to be a priority. Let's get their attention before service cuts and fare hikes are proposed for next year! You can take action now by sending a message to Congress here.