Did You Know?

Public transit users take 30 percent more steps and spend roughly eight more minutes walking each day than drivers.

Crossing over

It's that time of year. 

Road racing is winding down; not much remains except for some final state championships and random crits.  Burnouts are everywhere, looking for low pressure rides and long mornings at the coffee shops.  The local group rides are filling back up with regulars, while others are discovering their significant others again.

But soon, fall barbeques will send sweet smoke across the parks, stereos will be blasting classic rock across the parking lot, and the welcoming sound of a frothy, cold beer popping open will attract friends far and wide.

It's not a tailgate party.

It's Cyclocross season.

Looking for a way to continue your fitness and keep your competitive edge?  Or way to break into bike racing without risking road rash or worse?  Cyclocross could be for you.  A combination of road and mountain biking, running and pedaling and in-between, cyclocross racers navigate a techical course over varied terrain, including barriers which require a dismount, then retire to sidelines for beer-handups and other general shenanigans.  It's no wonder cyclocross is one of the fast growing disciplines in American cycling, and in competitive sports, overall in fact. 

The Chicago Cross Cup kicks off the 2009 season in Jackson Park, brought to you by XXX Racing – AthletiCo, on Sunday, September 20th.  Registration is open.