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Condo lawsuit alleges Divvy station more obstructive and ugly than parked cars

I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but does anyone believe condo owners David Kolin and Jeannine Cordero when they say their lawsuit to remove a Divvy station is because it’s “hideous?”/

They also complain that the station is obstructive and blocks their building’s entrance. Keep in mind the Divvy station, which holds up to 15 bikes, is on the street – not on the sidewalk – where two cars used to park. 

Personally, I’ll take the aesthetics of a Divvy station and its bright blue bikes over door slamming, emissions spewing, oil leaking cars any day.

But that’s not the only complaint from our condo curmudgeons. They say it will hurt property values, too, but we know property values are much higher near transit stations, and Divvy is a mini-transit station.

Lots of people like Divvy, as evidenced by the throngs of people using it, including people who want to hop on a Divvy bike in their neighborhood and ride to CTA, restaurants and so forth. This is a selling point for their condo!

No, I suspect our condo friends' real beef is with losing two parking spots.

Here’s our legal analysis of their lawsuit: 15 bikes is a better use of that public space than two cars, and the city has every right to locate the station there.

Stand strong Alderman Cappleman and CDOT, because the law and the public are with you.

Tens of thousands of people have ridden Divvy in less than two months, and the numbers are growing quickly. All those spinning feet are generating massive support for Divvy!