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Chicago celebrates first half mile of protected bike lanes, announces next 1.5 miles

There was a great deal of excitement at Monday’s ribbon-cutting for the completion of the city’s first protected bike lane on Kinzie Street.

src= Commissioner Gabe Klein appeared at a press conference with Ald. Brendan Reilly, Active Trans’ Executive Director Ron Burke and SRAM CEO Stan Day—all of whom were instrumental in the project.

The message from each was clear—Kinzie Street represents a huge win for the entire city and is a critical first step in reaching the incredible goal of a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes.

Commissioner Klein also used the event to announce the location of the next protected bike lane: Jackson between Damen and Halsted, a 1.5-mile stretch that will begin in early August!

If you're as excited about this next step as we are, please be sure to thank Alderman Fioretti for his leadership in bringing protected bike lanes to the 2nd Ward.

Check out some of the great coverage of the event. And check out photos of the event here.

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