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Chicago’s first protected bike lane on Kinzie St. increased ridership by 55 percent without increasing traffic congestion for cars.

Celebrating progress at the Movers and Shakers Ball

The Active Transportation Alliance recently hosted an unforgettable evening that not only celebrated the strides we’ve made towards a more sustainable and accessible city but also set the stage for the transformative work ahead.

The Movers and Shakers Ball — a gala event that brought together the city’s most passionate advocates for walking, biking, and public transit — was a resounding success, thanks to the incredible support of our attendees and donors.



The highlight of the event was presenting awards to three distinguished recipients, each of whom has made significant contributions to making our streets safer and our transit system more accessible.



7th District Illinois State Senator Mike Simmons (pictured above, middle) was awarded the Visionary Leadership Award for his unwavering commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive transportation environment. His legislative initiatives have paved the way for infrastructure improvements that benefit pedestrians and cyclists alike, alongside enhancing transit access for seniors and people living with disabilities.



Metra commuter rail agency, under the leadership of CEO/Executive Director James M. Derwinski (pictured above, middle), received the Movers Award. Metra’s new policy allowing bikes on all trains, along with improvements to off-peak service and the introduction of a fare program for low-income riders, exemplifies their strong commitment to multi-modal transportation.



1st Ward Alderman Daniel La Spata (pictured above, right, with Amy Rynell, Active Transportation Alliance executive director) was honored with the Safe Streets Award. A long-standing advocate for safer streets in the Chicago City Council, Ald. La Spata’s efforts in championing infrastructure and legislation have been pivotal in making sustainable transportation both safe and accessible for all Chicagoans.

The evening also featured a compelling conversation between Ald. La Spata, Sen. Simmons, and Active Transportation Alliance Executive Director Amy Rynell. Their discussion shed light on the reasons behind the lawmakers’ staunch support for safe streets and sustainable transportation, while also offering insights into the future of the movement.





The Movers and Shakers Ball was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a vibrant gathering of individuals united by a common vision for a more livable, more accessible Chicago.

The live music, cocktails, and gourmet hors d’oeuvres set the tone for an evening of connection and celebration. The live and silent auctions, featuring items from vacation trips to tickets for sporting events and concerts, added an exciting dimension to the night, with all proceeds going towards our mission to improve walking, biking, and public transit in the Chicago region.

As guests explored the exhibits at the Chicago History Museum, they were reminded of the city’s rich history and the role that transportation has played in shaping our region. It was a poignant backdrop for an event dedicated to envisioning and building a more sustainable future.




We’re immensely grateful for the support of everyone who attended the event. Your generous donations are investments in the future of our city.

Together, we are making a difference in the fight for better transportation options, for safer streets, and for a more sustainable Chicagoland.

As we reflect on the success of the evening, we are reminded of the power of community and the impact of collective action. The journey towards a more accessible and equitable transportation system is a shared one, and it is your support that enables us to continue this important work.

Thank you for being part of this movement.


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Photos courtesy of Steven Gross.