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Thanks to our generous donors, Active Trans is able to carry out our important work throughout the Chicago region.

Active Trans publishes groundbreaking design manual

Active Transportation Alliance is proud to announce the publication of our new design manual, Complete Streets, Complete Networks. The manual is a visually compelling introduction to the principles of Complete Streets roadway design and an elegant collection of resources for planners.

/Over two years in the making, the Complete Streets, Complete Networks manual was conceived as a catalyst for new professional practices in urban design. It serves as a comprehensive list of best practices, guidelines, and project delivery processes.

But it goes beyond traditional roadway design guidance to include a policy framework that city planners designers and decision makers can follow to create great places to bike, walk and use transit.

The manual was funded through the Cook County Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative, which was created to improve access to physical activity and nutrition through changes to policies, systems and the built environment. As part of this project, Active Transportation Alliance was contracted to help 25 local governments and school districts in suburban Cook County develop and enact policies and plans to improve the bicycling, pedestrian, and transit networks in the communities. The Complete Streets, Complete Networks manual is a resource to help these and other communities create healthier transportation choices.

We have a limited supply of printed copies of Complete Streets, Complete Networks. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please e-mail Dan Persky, Director of Planning and Policy, at

A downloadable version of the manual is available here. We are in the process of uploading highlights from the manual in the form of Word files, Excel tables, photos, and illustrations. We’ll post updates as more of this content is made available.