Did You Know?

Roughly every three days, one person biking or walking is killed by someone driving a car in the Chicago region.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Chicago aldermen to prioritize transit with bus-only lanes!

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a new mode of public transit that reinvents the bus. It offers a faster transit option that runs on existing streets, but with the convenience and reliability of a train. Cities around the world are using bus-only lanes, full-service transit stations, and high-tech traffic signals to create high-quality BRT systems–and it could be coming to your neighborhood!


There are many reasons BRT will improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, from providing better access to jobs and services, to reducing traffic congestion and making our streets safer. Chicago is currently considering BRT projects for the Western/Ashland corridor and the Loop. But these transit improvements may be threatened by streets that prioritize car drivers over all other road users./

Tell Chicago aldermen to make transit a priority with these new BRT projects. Send the message that you want a truly world-class BRT system in Chicago that includes bus-only lanes and state-of-the-art transit facilities.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your alderman to prioritize transit with bus-only lanes!


Image: CDOT