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A bus ride with 5th Ward alderperson candidate, Tina Hone

Safe Streets for All is a non-partisan campaign focused on engaging Chicago’s alderperson and mayoral candidates around significantly reducing traffic crashes, creating safe cycling and walking infrastructure, and improving public transportation in Chicago.

As part of this campaign, we’ve been asking candidates to ride public transit with us and discuss these topics.


I recently had the opportunity to take a bus ride with Tina Hone,

Better bus service is a crucial election issue

The Active Transportation Alliance is part of the Safe Streets for All, Transit That Works coalition that is working to educate Chicago voters for the municipal elections on February 28 and April 4.

The coalition developed a platform based on concerns and wishes for Chicago’s transportation landscape. While the platform covers a range of topics surrounding sustainable transportation, two of the top concerns of the platform are unreliable bus and rail service and slow bus service.