Active Transportation Alliance Issue Briefs

As an organization advocating for walking, biking, and transit, we must be able to articulate our positions on intersecting issues, such as housing, employment, and policing. These Transportation Issue Briefs were developed for this purpose.

To inform the development of these issue briefs, Active Trans called upon an array of community organizations, nonprofits, as well as government and policy organizations.

Collaborating with these community partners allowed us to strengthen the values of equity and racial justice in our work.

These issue briefs are meant to be a short and accessible way for Active Trans to inform our supporters about important issues in transportation and share our stances on reoccurring topics. The briefs also clarify why we may be involved in an issue, such as promoting affordable housing, that doesn’t immediately seem to be relevant to our work.

We see the issue briefs as living documents that will evolve as issues change or evolve.

Our first four issue briefs offer an overview on: