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Active Transportation Alliance evaluates Gary train station for passenger amenities, accessibility

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Active Transportation Alliance evaluates Gary train station for passenger amenities, accessibility

GARY, Indiana, August 20, 2013 — Active Transportation Alliance is partnering with the Rotary Club in Gary, Indiana to conduct a Complete Stations Assessment of the local South Shore Line train station.

The assessment — which will take place on Tuesday, August 27, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at the downtown Gary station (200 West 4th Avenue) — will evaluate passenger amenities and the accessibility of the station for riders arriving on foot and by bicycle.

Active Transportation Alliance has developed the Complete Stations Assessment to help communities evaluate their local train station and prioritize improvements so the station will better serve the needs of riders. Creating a “complete station” can help turn a local transit stop into the center of a community and encourage more people to use public transit. By evaluating the accessibility of a station through all modes of transportation, the assessment suggests changes that make it easier to walk and bike to the train — encouraging healthy, cost-efficient travel habits.

The assessment will begin with a close look at the station itself, taking note of the conditions of passenger facilities and amenities such as benches, ticket sales, vendors and available passenger information. The group will then focus on the surrounding area, including parking facilities for cars and bikes, nearby intersections and transit connections.

“The Gary Rotary Club, as well as all Gary civic organizations, is committed to supporting Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and her administration's efforts at community improvement and improved quality of life for all the residents of Gary,” says Don Parker, past president and board member of the Gary Rotary Club. “One part of that quality of life is how easily public transportation in all forms can be accessed by all citizens and visitors. We are especially interested in making sure that residents without cars can still reach their destination, and that may include using multiple forms of transport in one trip, such as by bike or bus and the train. Making sure those various forms of transportation interact well with each other is why the Gary Rotary Club is supporting this study.”

The Gary train station serves the South Shore Line, which allows riders to travel between downtown Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. The station is owned and operated by the City of Gary. Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) representatives and the Mayor of Gary have been invited to attend the event and both will receive a copy of the assessment results following the evaluation.

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