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Wish you had a better train station? We can help!

Active Trans has developed a new tool for assessing train stations in the Chicago region that takes a look at all aspects of the station and determines what’s needed to improve it./

The Chicagoland Complete Station Evaluation form easily walks participants through a station while taking a close look at safety and accessibility as well as passenger amenities.

The goal is to identify what might be missing — whether that’s a well-marked crosswalk, bike parking near the station or a functional ticket vending machine.

The assessment helps identify the changes transit riders wish to see at their stop and prioritize them into manageable short-term and long-term goals.

Similar to the Better Blocks assessments we’ve conducted for years in Chicago neighborhoods, this is a hands-on tool that community organizations and small neighborhood groups can use as a first step to improving local stations.

The evaluation is designed to be easy to use by anyone with or without direct help from Active Trans staff. Motivated residents and neighborhood groups can conduct these station evaluations on their own knowing Active Trans is always here to help move forward on fixing problems the assessment identifies.

Have a station you think could use some love and attention? We’re looking for community and neighborhood groups in the city and suburbs interested in working with us to set up the first round of evaluations.

Contact Brenna Conway ( for more details on how to get your station on the list!