Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

We want YOU to be a team leader

Everyone knows that Chicago has long been one of the top places to bike in the country. From the iconic Lakefront Trail and the innovative Millennium Park Bicycle Station, to events like Bike the Drive and the Late Ride.

/Safe, convenient, and comfortable riding is no secret in Chicago. Riders from all over the region are drawn seeking fun and fresh air.

But you know that bicycling in Chicago runs much deeper. That with a little vigilance and alertness, our bike lanes and streets are safe places to ride. You have a favorite route to most anywhere in the city. You can pack a suit (wrinkle-free) in 5 minutes before riding to a morning meeting. You know that a five mile ride at a moderate pace doesn't require a shower, only a few baby wipes.  

You know that a small amount of extra effort doesn't mean a loss of convenience, yet can save thousands of dollars a year. You know that if you could just get the chance to convince a few friends and coworkers, with others like you around the country, millions, perhaps billions of dollars could be saved in fuel costs, productivity, and the public health impacts of air pollution and sedentary lifestyles.

Now's your chance to put this knowledge to work. Join the Bike Commuter Challenge as a team leader. As a team leader, you can show your coworkers just how convenient and fun bike commuting can be.  

Signing up is easy and free. Active Trans will provide you with a recruitment poster for your breakroom, maps and how-to brochures, plus a free t-shirt for you. We're even available to give free on-site bike commuting presentations at your office (conditions apply)!  

All you have to do is track the number of coworkers who bike all or part of the way to work during Chicago's Bike to Work Week, June 11-17.  Send us the results and we'll rank your office against those of similar size and type. Whoever gets the highest percentage wins!  All will be recognized at a free Team Leader luncheon on July 12.

Sign up for the Bike Commuter Challenge and become a team leader today.