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Bus riders account for more than 20 percent of people using Lake Shore Drive every day while taking up a fraction of the space that cars do.

Two projects offer ways to play and relax at Union Station

Two dynamic placemaking projects have been installed at Union Station, activating spaces that normally get passed by during daily commutes.

Until September 2, TrainYARD and Blah Blah Blob! will give visitors the chance to explore and play in new ways within familiar spaces .
After a public vote on 25 submissions, Blah Blah Blob! and TrainYARD were selected as winners of The Metropolitan Planning Council's 2013 Activate Union Station Placemaking Contest.

The Metropolitan Planning Council and other sponsors then funded each winning design team $5,000 to implement their plans.

TrainYARD is a lawn created inside Union Station’s Great Hall that invites visitors to play and interact as if Union Station was their own backyard.

The lawn is made of artificial grass and features chairs, a hammock, picnic tables and various lawn games. Stacked newspapers covered with artificial grass create more seating and places to play.

Blah Blah Blob is a spiky, striped nylon sculpture. Visitors can feed the blob and enter it on one end.

Once inside, chairs are provided for relaxing and there is plenty of space to explore. (Being inside the blob feels similar to being underneath a giant parachute in elementary school gym class, but with more space to move around.)

Located just outside Union Station at the Fifth Third Center (222 South Riverside), the Blob also hosts events including Blob parties and fitness classes.






Blah Blah Blob!, designed by Latent Design and Kent State University, adds color and interest to Fifth Third Plaza











Once inside Blah Blah Blob! visitors can have a seat or explore the unique space









TrainYARD provides lawn chairs, umbrellas, a hammock and plenty of lawn toys to make the Great Hall feel like a backyard

/Tetherballs create play areas within the yard. Stacked newspapers covered in artificial grass provide more seating and places to play.








Picnic tables on the lawn provide a place to wait for a train, meet with friends or have a quick meal.









Croquet, bocce ball, lawn darts and jump ropes are supplied for use in TrainYARD.