Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Tell us how you Divvy

Just three weeks since its debut, Divvy is in full swing. Chicago’s new bike sharing program is already exceeding expectations with an impressive 25,000+ rides logged.

The blue bikes can be spotted across the city, with 700 currently circulating around 70 stations and an additional 2,300 bikes to be added by the end of summer.


To get to know some of the people behind these numbers, we caught up with a few users to see where they were headed and how Divvy helped them get there.


On his first ride as a Divvy user, Bill was making a short trip from his home in the South Loop to work in the Loop, where he docked at North Michigan Avenue and East Lake Street.

After his ride, Bill said he’s considering becoming a Divvy member in order to support the program and use it when he is unable to use his personal bike. 

“I’m excited about the concept,” he said.


Leticia is a Divvy member who is in her third week of commuting via Divvy.

She rides five days per week from her home in West Town to work in the Loop, where she was docking at North Michigan Avenue and East Washington Street.

She decided to give Divvy a try because her bike had previously been stolen downtown.

Now, she said she doesn’t have to worry about her transportation getting stolen.

“I love [Divvy]; it’s a good bike and I get exercise while I’m getting to work.”


Another first time Divvy user, John, was heading from his office in Streeterville to a dentist appointment in the Loop.

Since he lives in the suburbs, John said he would consider becoming a Divvy member, specifically so that he could use the bikes to easily travel from the Metra to his office and back.