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Roughly every three days, one person biking or walking is killed by someone driving a car in the Chicago region.

Red Line South Rider's Bill of Rights

On May 19, the south portion of the Red Line will be closed from Chinatown/Cermak station to the 95th Street terminal while the tracks are replaced.

During the 5 months of scheduled construction, nearly 45,000 average daily riders of the Dan Ryan Red Line will need to use alternative transit service. The CTA has made it clear that this project is a necessity and that it will result in a faster, smoother Red Line ride.

We understand that this construction is necessary to improve our transit system, but we also know it will be an inconvenience for many riders.

Transit is vitally important on the south side of Chicago (and throughout the city) because it provides an affordable, convenient and healthy way to get around the city. As the backbone of our system, the Red Line connects many Chicago communities to schools, jobs and healthcare.

Because we believe the rights of transit riders should be respected during this 5 month construction period, we have outlined the following Transit Rider Rights during the Red Line south reconstruction.

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We have a right to quality public transit, even during the Red Line south reconstruction project.

1. We deserve fast and reliable transit service, even during Red Line construction.
2. We deserve transparency from the CTA on temporary service performance, the jobs promised and the status of construction.
3. We deserve clear and proactive communication from the CTA that ensures our communities understand the changes to transit service.
4. We deserve stations and amenities that can accommodate the additional passengers along alternative transit routes.
5. We deserve to be listened to during the Red Line closure.

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