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Push for the Path campaign launched in Yorkville

Yorkville residents are taking matters into their own hands to raise money for a multi-use path in Kendall County.

The not-for-profit group Push for the Path is aiming for $220,000 to $357,000 in donations to pay for a trail along Kennedy Road between Route 47 and Mill Road.

This 10-foot-wide, 2.72-mile trail would be built as part of an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) project to widen Kennedy Road. IDOT will cover 80 percent of path construction costs, but requires matching funds of 20 percent.

At a recent meeting, Yorkville residents urged their city council to accept the grant. Alderman voted “aye” on the condition that matching funds come from private sources, not the city budget.  

Push for the Path accepted this challenge, and has already been holding fundraisers. The group recognizes the trail as a safe and vital link to other regional trails and local attractions.

Keep an eye on the Push for the Path's website to learn how you can help make this trail a reality.