Did You Know?

Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

One more sign that bike sharing has come of age in Chicago

Active Trans is excited with today’s announcement that Divvy landed a $12.5 million sponsorship arrangement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Bike sharing is now poised to have an even greater impact on the way people get around Chicago./

The sponsorship deal will last over a five year period. The city plans to use the $2.5 million in annual funds from the partnership to expand the Divvy system and enhance bicycling in Chicago.

The funds will be used for securing equipment to sweep and plow bike lanes; more bike lane materials like bollards, signage and striping; and more bike ambassadors on the streets to educate people about bike safety.

By the end of this year, Divvy plans to increase the number of docking stations in the city from 300 to 475. Chicago will then have the highest number of bike share stations in the nation.

We like how this new sponsorship arrangement will benefit Divvy riders as well as anyone who rides a bike in Chicago. And we like the way sponsorship emphasizes the connection between biking for transportation and better public health.

Less than one year after its launch, Divvy has been a resounding success. Last week, Divvy announced it reached one million trips totaling 2.5 million miles. That's a lot of pedaling!

If you're not a Divvy member, now is the time to join. New and renewing Active Trans members receive a $10 discount on annual Divvy memberships.

Photo courtesy of Divvy.