Did You Know?

Public transit users take 30 percent more steps and spend roughly eight more minutes walking each day than drivers.

Looking for Change I Can Believe In


I’m off to Washington DC today on my annual pilgrimage to the capital to ask our congressional delegation to put more resources into bicycling.  It is part of the annual Bike Summit of the League of American Bicyclists.  I am fortunate to now sit on their board of directors adding an additional voice to the movement to ensure that our bicycling members needs are priorities are heard clearly.  Wow, that’s a lot of weight on my shoulders.  It is representative of the work that we do that is paid for by our members’ dues and donations.  With this support, I can speak to our delegation about how our 6,000 members care about issues facing their communities regarding safety, traffic volumes, and pollution.  Eyebrows are raised when I talk about how we’ve been working for over 24 years with our membership to build a region that is multi-modal and supportive of real change that will reduce carbon.  Our group that comes to DC each year doesn’t have the success even opening up the door until we discuss the size of our membership and discuss the numbers of people reading our newsletters, our blogs, and our Traffic Signals e-bulletin. 


Not a part of the movement yet?  You can join by clicking your mouse right now on, right here.


Keep an eye out for an update blog from me after Thursday’s visit to the “hill”.