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While the Chicago region’s population grew by 18 percent since 1980, the traffic increased by 66 percent in the same period.

Lakefront Trail Conditions 2/7

I rode the Lakefront Trail this Sunday morning (2/7) from Ardmore to 51st St.

The Trail conditions range from dry pavement in many places to a sheet of ice in others. Please use caution when riding the Trail at this time. Hopefully the sun will melt some of the snow and ice that is on the Trail and the Park District will plow and salt these areas as well.

Areas of particular concern include ice completely covering the Trail north of Fullerton around the Theater on the Lake. I took a spill in this area today.

Snow and ice are also covering both the hard surface and soft surface Trail south of Fullerton.

The Oak Street Bend is actually in not too bad of shape. I walked a short bit of the Bend where the ice was at its worst but was able to ride on the walkway next to LSD from the Bend to Ohio Street. The walkway was completely free of snow and ice.

Snow and ice cover the Trail at a number of other locations as well, including a really bad spot around 33rd Street (where the trail bends to the west as you travel south) as well as:

  • around 50th Street
  • just south of McCormick Place
  • next to the Revetment construction south of Belmont
  • Near Irving Park
  • several sections between Hollywood and Ardmore

Where the Trail was completely covered with snow and/or ice, I was able to ride on the grass around these areas.