Did You Know?

Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

Lakefront Trail conditions 2/23/11

With the wind out of the SW today (2/23), water is no longer washing up on the Trail. The Oak Street Bend has a clear path all of the way around it (see photo). The area south of Fullerton, however, is ice-covered (see photo). Even the soft surface Trail to the west of the hard surface Trail, in this location, has one ~50 foot section that I found unrideable (see photo). I rode over the soft dirt to the west of the soft surface Trail but this area is uneven and rutted. Please be very careful in this area.

The east side of the underpass at Oak Street now has a narrow path clear (see photo). The west side of the underpass is completely clear but wet and although my bike computer said it was 29 degrees at the time, there wasn't any ice (see photo). If this area stays wet, however, it may freeze, especially after the sunlight is no longer hitting it and temperatures drop.

As always, please be careful of any areas that may experience freezing when temperatures drop.

Thanks, Randy