Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Kornheiser outrageous

From our board member Peter Taylor

Has any one seen this?

I think the SunTimes bloggers get the sense of outrage here. I understand comedy but this so irresponsible. The contempt in Tony Kornheiser's voice begs a smackdown. I think Active Trans and other Cycling advocacy groups have an opportunity and an obligation to expose Kornheiser's profoundly ignorant misuse of his public station.

This world stands at the summit of petroleum supply looking down towards the inevitable abyss and Kornheiser decries the city of Washington DC's decision to paint wide bike lanes on Pennsylvania avenue, because there is less room for cars. And in the process contemptuously ridicules recreational cyclists. Granted that the automobile has driven the US economy for the past 75 years; that age has past. We are so fortunate that we have precious little time to redirect our thirst for oil and re-engineer our economy to function in a different way. But allowing this to happen naturally is inviting disaster. Kornheiser's rant is an example of the kind of ignorance that constitutes the obstacles that will pitch our economy into ruin. America cannot currently sustain its status quo if our economy is based on energy sources we don't control. Active Transportation is a matter of national security. There is nothing funny about this deadly serious issue. Blowhards such as Tony Kornheiser must not be allowed to sway the opinions of the public unchallenged.