Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Kevin Krizek Lecture at Northwestern Transportation Center

Last week, Lina Hoffman and I went to the Transportation Center at Northwestern University for a talk by Kevin J. Krizek titled Wrestling with How to Measure Bicycling's Benefits.

Professor Krizer directs the Active Communities / Transportation (ACT) Research Group at The University of Colorado – Boulder and is very knowledgable about research about bicycling on both the national and international level.

This past May Bikes Belong convened a Bicycling Research Symposium that Professor Krizer participated in. If you check out the Bikes Belong site, you can read more about this event. To me, the State of the Research Survey (bottom of that page) is a very useful document and I encourage people to check it out.

Professor Krizer also discussed various surveys he has produced, many of which are on his web site

Ideally I would be able to represent the entire lecture in this blog but his findings were somewhat complex and I think hard to represent without making an error. So, I encourage you to check out his blog if you are interested in what sort of research is being done and by who!