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Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Jackson Park a huge success – largest race in Chicago Cyclocross Cup History

Put it in the books: over 400 racers, a record for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup

The 2009 season was kicked off in pure Euro-style by XXX Racing – AthletiCo in Jackson Park on Sunday.  The team provided pan- and funnelcakes, bratwurst, and Italian sausage for all, and through the course of the day, raucous racers and fans lined the tape to heckle and cheer, bang on cowbells, and enjoy some frosty, cold (root) beers. 

The challenging and fun course was designed by XXX-er and category 2 cyclocrosser Greg Heck and received rave reviews by all who raced.  Below are links to several photo collections documenting the day's events, as well as great video.

Nikki Cyp

Luke Seemann

Gavin Gould

Mike Campbell

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