Did You Know?

A bicycle commuter who rides four miles to work, five days a week, avoids 2,000 miles of driving and about 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

Interactive database highlights Evanston's trouble spots

Does your daily bike commute go through Evanston? Or are you a bicyclist who resides in Evanston? If so, check out the Evanston Review’s Interactive Bike Crashes page on

What was once a friendly way to alert readers of the riskiest bike routes has been taken to a new level. The website now has a database of 200+ car vs. bike crash records dating back to 2005 on the site. This can help you find and avoid high-risk crash zones for your future rides. The resource allows you to share stories, and search for and report dangerous intersections.

The interactive site automatically maps each report and readers can click “show me” to see the danger zone’s exact location. This is a great resource not only for bicyclists, but also for any local residents who want to make their roads safer and more inviting for non-motorized users.