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Half of school children walked or biked to school in 1969, but only 13 percent were doing it in 2009.

Help Riders for Better Transit check-in on Red Line South construction

In May, Riders for Better Transit launched the Red Line Rider’s Bill of Rights to help ensure that CTA keeps people moving during the five-month-long Red Line Reconstruction project.  


Hundreds of people have signed on to the Bill of Rights, which aims to hold the CTA accountable to the promises it made to provide fast and reliable services during construction.  

Now that the reconstrcution project is underway, Riders for Better Transit needs your help to check-in on how things are going.

We are asking supporters like you to sign up for a Red Line Check-In volunteer shift and see how the construction is impacting service at CTA stations in your area.

What's a Red Line Check-In?  

The CTA has done a good job conducting community outreach and education related to the Red Line South Reconstruction project, but with several more months to go before normal service is restored, it's important for community members to keep an eye on alternative services and help identify any issues with services or facilities.

That's why Riders for Better Transit is organizing volunteers to visit CTA stations impacted by the Red Line Reconstruction project. During these visits, volunteers will:

• Make observations about the station

• Interview a few people about their Red Line closure experience

• Pass out Red Line South flyers and ask riders to sign the Red Line South Rider’s Bill of Rights

Click here to sign-up for a Red Line South Check-In volunteer opportunity!