Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Have your opinions on bike/transit linkages immortalized!

You want better bike/transit links, right? Come complain/celebrate it and enjoy refreshments!
Active transportation researchers from the University of Colorado would like to invite you to participate in a focus group on cycling and transit integration in Chicago on Monday, March 1 at 3:30pm. The purpose of the focus group is to gain insight on cyclists’ preferences on a range of topics related to the integration of cycling and transit.

Cyclists and transit riders who regularly use both modes for commuting or non-recreational purposes. (We will give priority to those who use integrate both modes on a regular basis).

Ages: Between 18 and 65 and currently employed.

Active Transportation Alliance's offices
9 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 402
Chicago, IL