Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Got a pricey ride? Get a beater and peace of mind

As part of Active Trans' Bike Commuter Challenge and celebration of Chicago's Bike to Work Week, June 11-17, guest-blogger and Active Trans supporter Jay Ready will be offering a series of posts on overcoming the most common barriers to bike commuting. The following is his latest installment. 

You've heard it before, and maybe you've even said it: My bike is too nice, and I don’t want it to get stolen.

This is like saying, “My wingtips are a little slippery for pickup hoops, and I don’t want to get schooled by that young guy with the nice crossover dribble.”

Holy non-sequitur, Batman! One bike does not fit all purposes any more then you could tow an RV with a Yugo.

Do a cost-benefit analysis and buy another one.

If you can afford a carbon fiber racer and you ride enough to care about it, you can spend another $500 to get a cheap hybrid, pinhead bolts for the wheels and seatpost, a good long U-lock and a $17 department store helmet to lock up with the bike.

It’ll never be stolen.

And the money you save in cab fares, parking, and gas will pay for the bike in one season. And for far less than the $500, you can get a great beater at Working Bikes.