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Final vote expected this week on pedestrian safety

Your senator needs to hear that you support increasing pedestrian safety!

Illinois legislators are expected to vote this week on a measure that would protect pedestrians and make it safer for children, the elderly and the disabled to cross the street.

That vote will be extremely close, and we are asking you to call your senator right now to urge their support of HB 43

HB 43 would require drivers to come to a complete stop for all pedestrians in crosswalks. It clarifies current law, which requires drivers to only yield and stop when necessary. This measure will make the law clearer to drivers and easier for police to enforce.

More than 6,000 pedestrians are hit in Illinois each year. Those crashes result in more than 1,000 serious injuries and 170 fatalities a year.

More than a dozen other states have similar laws and those states now benefit from livable communities where it is safe and healthful to live, work and play.

Call your senator today!
Jackie Collins (Dist. 16)
District Office: (773) 224-2830
Springfield Office: (217) 782-1607

Maggie Crotty (Dist. 19)
District Office:(708) 687-9696
Springfield Office:(217) 782-9595

Gary Forby (Dist. 59)
District Office:(618) 439-2504
Springfield Office:(217) 782-5509

Linda Holmes (Dist. 42)
District Office:(815) 609-3711
Springfield Office:(217) 782-0422

Randy Hultgren (Dist. 48)
District Office:(630) 682-8100
Springfield Office:(217) 782-8022

Dan Kotowski (Dist. 33)
District Office:(847) 797-1192
Springfield Office:(217) 782-3875

John Millner (Dist. 1)
District Office:(630) 351-9340
Springfield Office:(217) 782-8192

Michael Noland (Dist. 22)
District Office:(847) 214-8864
Springfield Office:(217) 782-7746

Rev. James Meeks (Dist. 15)
District Office:(708) 862-1515
Springfield Office:(217) 782-8066