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According to AAA, the monthly cost of owning and operating a sedan is approximately $700 a month.

Did You Know? – Bikes allowed on Moraine Valley path

Throw this on the prodigious pile of Bike to Work Week Benefits: I gave two Bike to Work Week presentations at Moraine Valley Community College in May, both well attended by staff. At the second presentation, many aired the complaint that the college wouldn't allow bicycling just anywhere on campus, and in particular not on the multi-use, paved path circling the campus (much to nearby residents', as well as staff & student bike commuters', dismay). This was accepted as policy at the campus, particularly by campus police.

Karen McGinnis, Bike to Work Week participant and an executive assistant at the school, decided to ask around. Turns out that:

1. Bikes are allowed everywhere on campus

2. Bikes are allowed on the multi-use path

This is a reversal of policy, although Karen couldn't find out exactly when the reversal took effect. But word's out now, and just in time too. Moraine Valley staff and faculty have formed bike buddy groups during Bike to Work Week so experienced bike commuters can mentor beginners, share route information, and enjoy their ride with more comfort and conversation. The school is working to make cycling an integrated program in their wellness policy. And exploring the campus by bike should become more popular with nearby residents too. Bike to Work Week – Breaking down boundaries to two wheel locomotion!