Did You Know?

Although people of color make up about one third of the population, they make up 46.1 percent of pedestrian deaths.

Des Plaines — home to new bike racks and a local hero

The City of Des Plaines has been making great strides on behalf of cyclists and pedestrians this past year due to a Cook County Model Communities grant and the leadership of a local hero.

More than 120 bike racks purchased with funds from the grant will be installed in Des Plaines this year at schools, parks and throughout downtown.

In other news in Des Plaines, Derek Peebles, a city engineer, was recently recognized as a Local Hero by the Model Communities program. Derek marshaled stakeholders from the city staff, local schools, the park districts, the YMCA, the local chamber, elected officials and residents as they all developed Des Plaines’ vision for active living to enable folks to choose healthier lifestyle options.

Inspired by the understanding that built environments impact the daily life and health of residents, Peebles has lead the charge with a very dedicated team of city staff in implementing policy, systems, and environmental change to create a community that is safe, fun and convenient for everyone to bike and walk.

Congrats to Peebles, the City of Des Plaines and all the residents who have been working on active transportation this year.