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Cyclist dies after crash

Last week, Francisco Moreno was struck by a van while riding his bike in Chicago. According to the Sun-Times, the van did not stop and Moreno had to be helped home.

Several hours after the crash, Moreno's condition became much worse. He was found unresponsive by family members, and then was pronounced dead that night. While the newspaper article did not explicitly state that the crash contributed to Moreno’s death, it led us to believe it was a direct result.

Active Trans sends condolences to Mr. Moreno’s family and friends.

This grave tragedy underscores the importance of seeking medical attention after a crash. Sometimes the stress and adrenaline pumping at the time of a crash causes people to underestimate the severity of their injuries. Sometimes you want to “give it a day” before seeing a doctor or maybe you don’t have insurance.

Regardless, you should always get checked out as soon as possible in case you have a serious injury that isn’t immediately apparent. Learn more about what to do after a crash by visiting Active Trans' Crash Support Hotline webpage.