Did You Know?

Chicago’s first protected bike lane on Kinzie St. increased ridership by 55 percent without increasing traffic congestion for cars.

Creating a bike culture one activist at a time

Last Saturday, May 30, approximately 100 people rode to the Hyde Park Art Center to share a meal and to witness a dialogue among some key voices in the movement for better biking.  Alex Wilson, Kathy Schubert and Adolfo Hernandez participated in the Hubs and Spokes panel moderated by Zach Furness. 

As an Active Trans staffer, I was particularly impressed to hear how each of these panelists lives out an activist message in his or her life.  One interaction that struck a chord with me was Alex Wilson's response to Howard Zar's question about cyclists and traffic laws.  Alex noted that respecting the law is not the same thing as obeying the law.  He cited the Civil Rights Movement as an example of that attitude. 

After the presentation, I complimented Howard on his question, though he was quick to point out that he disagreed with Alex.  Hearing Howard and Alex and all the voices at the Hubs and Spokes event, I am reminded that one of the beautiful things about Chicagoland’s biking community is that there is room for everyone at the table. 

We’re very fortunate to have so many impassioned contributors to culture.