Did You Know?

A bicycle commuter who rides four miles to work, five days a week, avoids 2,000 miles of driving and about 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

Cool preview of Geoffrey Baer's "Biking the Boulevards" show

It's everything we've come to expect from WTTW and the amazing Geoffrey Baer…the upcoming Biking the Boulevards show has posted a 10-minute video preview on their site (on the right-hand side).

Get a taste of Geoffrey's bike journey on Chicago's boulevard system, some wonderful historical tidbits and perspective plus a peek at the future of biking in the City of Big Shoulders.

Active Trans is proud to be a show partner and is very excited for the full show to air on Monday, November 29th.

PS: You can also check out Geoffrey as our keynote speaker for our Member Meeting!