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Only 24 percent of jobs in the region are accessible by transit in 90 minutes or less by a typical resident — and that number drops to 12 percent in the suburbs.

Businesses stand up for Milwaukee bike lanes

If you read the recent Chicago Sun-Times article describing the April 30 public meeting on a proposed protected bike lane on Milwaukee Avenue, you might get the impression that local residents and business owners are deeply opposed to the project.
That’s why three West Town business owners decided to set the record straight in a letter to the editor published on May 6 in the Sun-Times opinion section.

The letter — submitted by Tim Coonan of Big Shoulders Café, Angelo Karras of Windy City Café and Chris Dunstatter of 694 Wine & Spirits — challenged the Sun-Times to looking beyond the handful of complaints to see the bigger picture:

“These street improvements for the city’s most popular street for cycling will make our neighborhood safer for everyone and help our businesses grow by creating a more livable street. By framing the issue in terms of cyclists vs. anti-cyclists, your coverage overlooks the fact that most city dwellers (and business owners) don’t fit into exclusive categories when it comes to how we get around.”

Read the full letter to the editor here.

We’d like to thank these three business leaders for helping to re-frame this important conversation. With their help, we’re spreading the word that improving street safety isn’t just good for people, it’s good for business.

Show Tim, Angelo and Chris your gratitude by stopping by their businesses to say thanks. And be sure to grab a bite or a drink while you’re there!

Fortunately, Chicagoland is rife of bike-friendly businesses. Check out our Bike Friendly Business directory to find them near you.