Did You Know?

Half of school children walked or biked to school in 1969, but only 13 percent were doing it in 2009.

Bring your friends to Bike Town Bash!

From our member, J. Alex Sanger:

If you bike in the city of Chicago, chances are that you have pulled up a chair to a table, set your helmet down, and told a friend about the right hook that almost got you or the cars double parked in the bike lane. As coffee (or other beverages) are poured in front of you, you share the joys, fun, and, well, sometimes frustration of bicycling in this great city of ours. How about trading in that silk underwear for a silk dress? Those wool long underwear for the nice trousers in the back of your closet? See how fishnets can work with bike shoes, grab your bike, and meet your friends at the Bike Town Bash.

Use the Bike Town Bash as your holiday party – a way to celebrate with friends (even those ones who – sigh – don't understand your dilemmas regarding gears or no gears). The Green Line is blocks away from this event that welcomes everyone. We're happy to welcome your holiday party in whatever dress, sweet look, or activity that brings you to the Biketown Bash on Saturday, Dec. 6. At just $25 to get in, you  can dance the night away, celebrate with friends, see some faces from the bike lanes (without the blur of movement), and maybe just find the person who understands why you love your mixte frame above all else.

In a time when some companies have dashed plans for a holiday party or when you're too busy to sweep those dust bunnies up to have friends over, the Biketown Bash can become your bash. We're so excited to bring your friends together that we're offering discounts on tickets purchased in packs of five or ten. So, bring your friends together, celebrate a year of hope, and support Active Trans by having fun.