Did You Know?

Roughly every three days, one person biking or walking is killed by someone driving a car in the Chicago region.

Biking is for billionaires

Billionaire Warren Buffett is pestering his peers to give half of their money to charity. When an interviewer suggested that a meeting between Buffett and other billiionaires would mean a fleet of armored cars outside a fancy restaurant Buffett said That's the way people picture it, but we'll probably get there on our bicycles.

I doubt he was joking.

To me, one of the best benefits of being super rich would be the unlimited options. You can eat prime rib with a $500 bottle of wine or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of fresh milk.You know that sometimes that peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the only thing that will hit the spot.

The same is true with our transportation options. While someone like Warren Buffett can choose any car and driver he wants, he knows that sometimes a bike ride is the best way to get around. You get exercise, great views, and you can easily stop if you feel like it to pet a dog or chat with a friend.

If Warren Buffett read Carjacked, a recently published book that outlines the personal and societal costs of automobiles, he would probably agree with it and maybe even give a copy to his progeny. This book reminds us just how much cars really cost and how easy one can get stuck in a cycle of poverty if they are dependant on them. While someone like Buffett probably rides a bike because he wants to, I doubt the economic benefits are lost on him.

So, be like a billionaire and ride your bike. Most of the time, it is your best option!