Did You Know?

Only 0.7 percent of federal transportation funds are spent on improving pedestrian facilities.

Big thanks to Bike the Drive volunteers

From the standpoint of our volunteer turnout and commitment, the 2011 MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive was a whopping success!

The spirit and enthusiasm by which people signed up and showed up to volunteer was astounding. One long-time volunteer for Bike the Drive said, “Every year I ask myself, WHY do I get up at an ungodly hour to do this? Then, when the bikers start off [on Lake Shore Drive], it's an amazing sight and I forget that I had no sleep!”

A ride marshal dispatched along Lake Shore Drive to help participants out with small mechanical fixes mentioned, “I had a chain tool with me and was able to fix an astonished rider's chain who was otherwise facing a 4-mile walk. He kept on asking me how much he owed me.”

Another ride marshal recounts the pleasure of “teaching a group of individuals how to fix a flat and actually letting them solve the problem themselves after providing them with the tools. A definite give a man a fish/teach a man to fish scenario.”

With nearly 300 volunteers helping out before the event, and nearly 500 volunteers showing up the day of the event, we had overwhelming support. Each and every volunteer position truly makes a difference, and Bike the Drive wouldn’t happen without the hundreds of helping hands before, during, and after the event.

We recently raffled off a Mongoose bicycle to all our pre-event and day-of-event volunteers to show our gratitude! Christopher Tso, a member of the Whitney Young Key Club, won. Congratulations to Christopher and his new bike!