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According to AAA, the monthly cost of owning and operating a sedan is approximately $700 a month.

Ask for better transit on Western and Ashland

/Earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune covered how Chicago will get a taste of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) this year as the City implements elements of BRT on Jeffery Boulevard. This is an exciting development for public transit in Chicago, introducing new transit strategies to provide faster, more reliable and more convenient service. It lays the groundwork for upcoming BRT projects, where transit riders and all Chicagoans can and should ask for more.

Chicago has an incredible opportunity to improve transit and economic activity with the upcoming BRT project in the Western and Ashland corridor. In order to provide better service, BRT relies on bus-only lanes, full-service transit stations and high-tech traffic signals. Some people may resist dedicating even a small portion of our roadways to transit, but doing so makes a more efficient transportation network that benefits everyone. Chicago needs to make transit a priority on the streets in this corridor.

Our neighborhoods need better transit options! We urge the CTA and the aldermen in this corridor to include bus-only lanes and other transit improvements on Western and Ashland to provide world-class BRT service. Our city and state elected leaders also need to invest in better transit by finding funding for expanded service that meets the needs of the transit-riding public.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your alderman to prioritize transit with bus-only lanes!