Lakefront Trail

August events on the Lakefront Trail

Tons of people commute every day on the Lakefront Trail. Every month, Active Trans compiles a list of events happening directly on the trail. Check out what’s going on for the month of August, and for more updates on Lakefront Trail conditions, follow us on Twitter.


Saturday, 8/1

10th Annual Stray Cat Strut 5k

Time: 10:30am

Location: Uptown; Route on LFT


Sunday, 8/2

July events on the Lakefront Trail

Summer has officially arrived and with it an abundance of events happening in Chicago. We have compiled a list of activities happening on and around the Lakefront Trail for the month of July.  For more information and updates of conditions on the Lakefront, follow us at @activetransLFT on Twitter. 

Saturday, July 4

Fourth of July Fireworks

Time: 9:30pm

May events on the Lakefront Trail

It’s now May and I think it’s 90% safe to say that spring is finally here. With the warmer weather comes increased traffic on the Lakefront Trail, especially with the abundance of scheduled 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons. 

Be prepared for your lakefront bike ride or jog by checking out the following list of weekend events. And for regular trail updates, visit our Lakefront Trail Conditions page or follow our Twitter feed (@ActiveTransLFT). 


May 1–3

Run for Laura 5K

Lakefront Trail construction projects to know about

People walk, run and ride bikes on the Lakefront Trail year round, but with spring blooming, trail users should expect trail use to grow over the next several weeks. 

Before you head out to the trail, you should know about some major lakefront construction projects that could affect your trip. 

Coming events on the Lakefront Trail

With April comes spring weather (well, hopefully!) and that means lots of weekend 5- and 10-Ks scheduled on and near the Lakefront Trail.

Before you head out for your weekend bike ride or jog by the lake this month, make note of the following weekend events.

For regular trail updates, visit our Lakefront Trail Conditions page as well as our Twitter feed (@ActiveTransLFT). 


Separating bicyclists and pedestrians is safer

We’ve heard repeatedly from Lakefront Trail users that creating separated trail space for bicyclists and pedestrians would make everyone feel safer on the path.

Now a new study conclusively shows separated space reduces crashes and the severity of injuries when crashes occur.

Sign our petition to separate bicyclists and pedestrians on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail.

2015 Active Transportation Platform wants safer streets

Based upon input from thousands members and supporters from across the region, Active Trans has released its 2015 Active Transportation Platform for the upcoming elections for mayor and alderman in the City of Chicago.

The platform features specific action items to achieve progress on five core goals:

Join petition to separate bicyclists and pedestrians on Lakefront Trail

Last month we shared Megan William’s story of recovering from a horrific crash on the Lakefront Trail and committing herself to making sure crashes like hers don’t keep happening. Now you have a chance to show your support for improving safety on the lakefront path.

Sign our petition to support increased investment in separating pedestrians and bicyclists on the trail and other safety improvements.

Crash victim wants cyclists and pedestrians separated

Megan Williams, 27, was jogging on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail while training for her first Chicago Marathon earlier this fall when she was suddenly struck by a bicyclist.

The next thing she remembers is waking up in a hospital bed with her hands restrained, a breathing tube down her throat, a fractured skull and bleeding in her brain.

Thankfully, Megan is feeling better today. And as a result of this terrible experience, she's determined to be part of improving safety on the trail for all users.

Chicagoans want better North Lake Shore Drive

As the public process for the reconstruction of North Lake Shore Drive continues, the demand for biking, walking and transit improvements throughout the corridor is becoming increasingly clear.