South Suburbs

Sneak a peek: The Cal-Sag Trail Legacy Campaign

Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail are posting teasers every two days from the full-length Legacy Campaign video that wil

Stop sprawl, free Smart Growth help for local governments!

Free help is available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encouraging governments to implement smart growth practices.

This weekend: Blue Island Non-Motorized Plan workshop and more

 First, let's take stock of what's going on with Blue Island:

Violet, then and now

Some—a handful of you—will recognize his picture (top, right) of my daughter Violet.

Oak Lawn and Blue Island top brawlers in municipal Commuter Challenge

Step off, Chicagoland. Oak Lawn owns this corner. And that corner over there? That's Blue Island's.

Cal-Sag Cycles: A pop-up bike shop

It started with a phone call in mid-May.

A month later, a youth earn-a-bike program will open as a bike shop for one day in downtown Blue Island.