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Support better biking, walking and transit 


Biking to work more than tripled in Chicago from 2000 to 2012.


Led by the Active Transportation Alliance and the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), Transit Future’s goal is to modernize and expand Chicagoland’s outdated public transportation network.

The campaign calls upon the Cook County Board of Commissioners to establish a dedicated revenue stream to fund the necessary transit developments our region needs.

New funding can create new rail and rapid bus lines throughout the county and extend the transit grid into surrounding suburbs.



Our current public transit system is broken. It has too many gaps and fails to connect people to job centers.

In too many places, driving is the only way to go, leading to more traffic and more pollution. Our transit spending is lagging, too. Compared to Chicago, London spends five times more on transit while New York City spends three times more. The benefits of increasing investment in our regional transit system are significant: 

  • Makes the region more livable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable.
  • Creates jobs for people all over Chicagoland through construction of the system as well as through new Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).
  • Increases regional connectivity to major job centers.
  • Attracts new businesses and residents to the region.



  • Mobilize transit supporters throughout Cook County to call for increasing investment in transit improvements and expansion.
  • Advocate for the adoption of a dedicated revenue stream to fund transit improvements and expansion by the Cook County Board of Commissioners.
  • Take advantage of America Fast Forward and other financing tools at the federal level, building a transit system in Cook County that fits the needs of today’s riders and the region’s future.


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